Below is information on the five keynote speakers for this year’s Innovation Rodeo.


Jeremiah Gardner – An International Innovation and Lean StartUp expert and best-selling author from San Diego, who advises companies like GE, eBay, Intuit, Nike & Cisco, will share insights on how to create new opportunities by changing the way you approach innovation, growth, and value-creation.


Randy Thompson – The Founder and Fund Manager of the most active Angel Investor Network in Canada will be in Calgary to share insights on how to validate your idea so you so you are more likely to get funded.


Chris Jones – A successful Alberta-based Entrepreneur, who is now a highly sought after growth advisor, will lead participants through the process of how to grow faster by putting an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in their company.


Bryan de Lottinville – The CEO of a local, almost 400-person, technology company will share how they, and some of their over 250 Fortune 1,000 customers, like Nike, Google and Apple, sustain their growth in difficult times.


Murad Al-Katib – The 2017 winner of Ernst & Young’s Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award will fly in to share how he grew an agriculture start-up into a profitable $2 Billion dollar company with over 2,000 employees on five continents.